A warm welcome to the Bosun Association 2012 website. Membership of the association is free, just register your interest and Email address with the webmaster. The site is designed to cover technical detail, give an insight into the BOSUN CLASS ASSOCIATION, and provide a contact link for BOSUN owners. There is also a Bosun Chat Group on YAHOO where members can discuss aspects and leave comment for other like minded persons. Access to the chat group is free to read. To leave a comment, you will need to register with the Chat Group. The Bosun site gives details of past events, photos and reports. It also covers future events. Information about Rigging, Tuning and basic sailing technique help is also available. BOSUN boat parts, the manufacturers contact address, and details are recorded under MANUFACTURER, along with a general price guide. Members contact details can be obtained via the webmaster, Event organisers may in the HOT NEWS section or LINKS page details where provided.  
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Annual Program
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Bosun Nationals
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Sailing World News
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PY Stick Numbers
Class Overview
Bosun History
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Cadet News
Weather Forecast
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Olympic 2012

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